They tell me my attitude sucks.

Dear AL:
I am so tired of my life. There are just so many bitches around me who purposefully hurt me by spreading fake rumors about me to others. The really horrible thing is that other people actually believe them.

Al, I have to see these people on a regular basis, and I feel horrible when I have to interact with them. They always find some way to exclude me. Just last week, they refused to share a taxi with me to get to someplace, and I ended up having to get a cab by myself while they left in groups, chattering happily.

Also, when I get so tired of them I finally snap, they tell me my attitude sucks. Al, they are the ones who started it, and I am merely retaliating. Please give advice and don't be sarcarstic!(: Thank you.
-- Jazzy

Dear Jazzy:
No you didn't! Don't tell me what to do, you... you... you... &*+%#!

Ok, about your problem :) Why are you hanging out with bitches? If they're talking shit about you behind your back, excluding you, then telling you that you have an attitude problem, it's your fault because you're still hanging out with them. On the other hand, are you the type that can't take a joke? Maybe the reason why they exclude you is because they hate being careful about what they say around you, knowing they might hurt your feelings.

You have a choice, either stop hurting yourself by hanging out with them, or try to accept them so they would accept you, but if you're a dude, give these girls their space!

I've tried, but couldn't find a car crowded with females, alright!


lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

wow al.. so kind these days... been gettin some huh ;)

Webmiztris said...

kill 'em! kill 'em all! :D

b o o said...

those hairy legs don't look feminine at all.

ramblings said...

Well, I was trying to figure out how that picture related to the story in general, but, finally gave up. See, thank you for pointing out what it was about.
I have a relative that does nothing but complain, maybe this person does that and thats why they don't want to hang out with them. Who knows, but you gave out sound advice again.

The Stiltwalker said...

I see this person needs to do some karate chopping.

Tracie B. said...

i smella victim