She doesn't love me any more.

Dear AL:
I'm a long time reader of yours and blog friend, and when I discovered you stopped blogging I almost died! Choked on my Cornflakes! Thankfully I have your old email address, so I hope you don't mind me asking you for help.

For the last few weeks my Boss has been ignoring me like I don't exist. We still talk business, but she doesn't rub my shoulders or pat my butt anymore. I miss that! I know to someone else this would be sexual harrassment, but this person is the girl of my dreams.

I didn't become ugly over night, so what gives?
-- Davis, Idiana

Yo Davis:
I don't know who the hell you are, but you must be ugly. Why else would she be giving you the cold shoulder?

She must have heard rumors about your looks, and to verify this she had her eyes checked which resulted in her first pair of glasses, then "Bam!" she disinfected her hands, never to touch your ass again!

Seriously, dude, she probably just wants to keep things professional in the office, so you better back off. Nobody likes needy people, specially if they're fugly.

Where the hell is Idiana?

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Monika said...

well well well, look who came back

Tracie B. said...

idiana? it's in the nidwest, zilly!

TheTorch said...

No Doubt...if she stopped touching rubbing & massaging, she tired of you not reciprocating...time to start touching & rubbing.