ive decided to move on but i dont know how

Hey AL:
Whats the best way to forget bout a girl, i really like her and ive liked her for almost 3 years, were really close but i want to be more then "just another guy", so ive decided to move on but i dont know how.
-- Jason, Calgary, AB, CA

Yo Jason:
Best way to move on is to keep yourself busy, like learning how to write.

You suck, dude!

I hope this helped.

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Monika said...

How about you ask her out? If she rejects you, you'll have nothing in your way of moving on.

If she accepts, remember:

"No glove, no love"

Webmiztris said...

what is up with that, al? everyone who asks for your advice has the worst grammar and punctuation skills!!

Dear AL said...

Has to be something in the water, Dawn.

Great advice, Monika, just never heard that saying before.

TheTorch said...

Al is right...you really do suck.
Try Beer, it worked for me more than once. Go with the PBR.

Tracie B. said...

i know just the remedy--stalk her ass, night and day.

Dear AL said...

Yo Torch, I do the bashing around here!

Tracie, something you would do? You're scaring me!

TheTorch said...

Dear Al,
Point Taken.....Maybe you should try the PBR.