Are they out there?

Hey AL:
Do you believe in aliens?
-- love boo, singapore,

Dear boo:
What kind, babe?

I feel illegal aliens have a right to life, as long as they follow the rules until we ship their ass back over the border. As for ET, I'm not sure if they exist, but if they're here, they better have a Visa. I here it's pretty hot on the sun!

Note: To my next writer, I'm a problem solver. If you have a personal problem, let me help. Save your alien questions for fuckin' Dear Abby!
She's has to be one, just look at that mug --> -->


TheTorch said...

No Doubt!!

Webmiztris said...

I didn't used to believe in aliens, but ever since Tom Cruise turned goofy, I do!

b o o said...

i need to get rid of the one living next door is all. but looking at that pic of Abby, i have small problems.