Do a good deed, get called a bitch!

Dear AL:
First off, I hate kids with a passion, but last Saturday I saved a little monster from getting hit by a bus. As I was standing their with my idiot sister-in-law talking shit as a bus was approaching, her son Travis, who threw up on me minutes before, jumped off the sidewalk into the street. Since I was closer, I reached out and grabbed it's arm, and yanked it back. My sister-in-law thanked me as she was crying, but when she discovered I hurt her son since it wouldn't stop crying, she called me a bitch before taking it to the hospital. Later that day she called me and said I dislocated it's shoulder when I assaulted it! I saved it's life and that's assault?

This coming Thursday my husband and I are going with his dipshit sister and her son (it) to the zoo, and guess what... we're taking the bus! The only reason why I'm tagging along is because since it hasn't slowed down, and she's the most neglectful mother on the planet, it wont make it on the bus alive, because it will be under it. Am I a dumbass for not turning a blind eye to it's inevitable demise? It's not my kid!
-- Diane, New York

Dear Diane:
No... You're not a dumbass. Deep down you care about this childs... I mean it's well being. You're a hero for dislocating it's shoulder by accident to save it's life, but don't subject yourself to being their babysitter. You have a life!

Since your sister-in-law hasn't a clue about raising it, you should report the dumbass to the office of Children & Family Services of the State of New York for maltreatment, anonymously of course: 1-800-342-3720

Office of Children & Family Services


TheTorch said...

She used the word "Dipshit"...that is very cool indeed.

The Stiltwalker said...

see, that's why I hate people, and their retard/bastard kids.

Webmiztris said...

I love the reference to the child as an 'it'. I feel the same way...

get 'it' away from me!!

Aaron said...

Is 'neglectful' a word?