Britney Spears told me to F-off, but why?

Dear AL:
I've been a Britney Spears fan forever, so you wont believe how excited I was when I physically bumped into her by accident at a club, but she pushed me back and yelled. I didn't realize at first what Britney said, but after a few minutes it sunk in. Britney shouted "Fuck-off bitch" as she pushed me away and walked off. I watched her videos, brought all her CD's, and been to almost every one of her concerts in town. You know how this makes me feel? What happened?
Wendy, LA

Dear Sucker:
People like you made this train wreck possible. Buying her CD's, watching her lip synch, while ignoring her insanity. This dumbass has been all over the news and you finally noticed something wrong? Wendy... boobala... wake up!

Here's a short recap for your little head:
* Britney Spears shows off crotch (it starts to talk)
* Paris Hilton fondles Britney's boobies (one pops)
* Britney shows off crotch again (Doesn't talk, but photographer throws up)
* Drunk Britney almost drops her son (K-Feb discovers his balls, talks deeper)
* Britney goes to rehab (No-Job-Fed takes custody of kids, feeds them chips)
* Britney Spears shaves head, attacks reporters car with an umbrella while shouting "I'm Gandhi!" (realizes mistake and states "I ment to say Kojak")

Still alive?

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rashbre said...

We just had the Britney mockumentary here in the UK. Everything you say was included, plus a great version of the feud with Christina. And Hi - Here via Michele's!