I want this lower back tattoo!

Dear AL:
Last Friday I saw one of the coolest lower back tattoos I've ever seen on a girl! I always told myself I would never get one, but now I'm thinking about going for it! How long will it hurt once I get it? -- Molly, Californya

Dear Molly from Californya:
Till you're a very old freaky lookin' woman!


BreadBox said...

Freaky. Freaky.

Thanks for stopping by the breadbox yesterday!

TheTorch said...

Nothing like a "TramStamp".

TheTorch said...

Sorry...Duh "TrampStamp"

carli said...

A very funny SNL cartoon, indeed. Good advice. Almost as funny as Mom Jeans.
Here from Michele.

Rose said...

Something more frightening is that a study found carcinogenic chemicals are being used as tattoo pigments. Tattoo ink contains many heavy metals like lead arsenic, beryllium, chromium, and others metals which have a connection to cancer and birth defects. You can read more about this on my blog.