He's never interested in having sex

Dear AL:
I have a typical problem and unable to decide myself...I am from India, I had many problems with my first husband as he was a big psycho so ended up the relation after 2 years, later I took some break and got married, and I am so upset with my fate that I again failed in my second marriage.....since we got married he is never interested in having sex...I dont understand whats his problem but he enjoys all bulshit on internet...I one day asked him not to cheat me anymore and if he open ups problems can be solved together by visting pshycian, he is not ready to accept and have become wild at me...I am not happy with whats going on...the thought that I failed again is making me very depressed....can you help me please!
-- Nagma

Dear Nagma:
Maybe your husband can't get it up. Years of inactivity, just sitting behind his computer probably made him Impotent, or he's an asshole.

If you ment that he physically hurt you when you stated wild above, it's time to get a divorce. Why stay with someone who loves his computer more than you? He doesn't want help and doesn't respect you. Being alone is not bad compared to being with someone who makes you feel alone. Many people just want to get married so they wont be alone which is the worse mistake they can make. If there is no love in a marriage it's sure to fail, sometimes even after both parties agree to marriage counseling. When you're not looking for love, respecting yourself and enjoying life, love will find you. Nagma, take care of yourself and leave this loser ASAP! Life is too short! Make yourself happy!


coolbreeze said...

hey i read your problem and with due respect to you, I would like to put forward what I think will be better for you. See, whenever we dont have things our way, we often tend to find other people wrong, and even if they are wrong, we tend to overlook our mistakes, if any.I suppose you should do a detailed introspection and think over what all happened with you in past. What I am trying to say is if ur husband isnt ready to listen to you, you can atleast be mature and tryto spot d areas ehere you might have done something wrong to put him off. Just assuming he is an impotent or accusing him endlessly, just try n have patience.I guess you should go to a psychatrist beofre taking any final decision. If u want to make it fast, then u r right, dont loose any time and u can watch dis site for a psych if u find it difficult tolocate a good psych..http://www.clickindia.com/sports-health-beauty/hospitals-clinics-nursing-homes/
Just be sure you are sure that you dont leave a loophole in improving yourrelation with your husband, be it your sex life or be it your emotional attachment with him. Marriage is a reverable instituion, I know you realise it but you have to fight too make your betterhalf realise that too. All the best and take good care.

TheTorch said...

With all due respect I have to suggest the time tested solution -
BEER! Get him looped up on a couple of Pabst Blue Ribbons and see if that don't help.