I want my two dollars!

Dear AL:
How do you ask for a personnal loan back without sounding mean or hurting the indivdual? -- Mary, AZ

Dear Mary:
"Without sounding mean or hurting the individual?"
Wish you was my next door neighbor, I need a new car!

Look, just ask for your money back. I assume you gave this person this money with the understanding you'll get paid back, and if this person drags their butt when you ask for it, kick their ass! (not physically)

I gave this one fat piece of shit money to go see his mom and enough to take care of her since she just got into a car accident, but dumbo spent it on a prostitute! You wont believe how far my foot was up blimps ass to get it back, but tubby skipped town to another state since I wasn't the only one he suckered. I hear porkchop is now sucking his food through a straw since he finally screwed with the wrong person. Lardass got off easy!

Before you lose it, I'm a fatass too, just not as big as this joker. Remember, violence never solves anything, you just lose even more while serving time, but I'm sure you wont touch this bitches ass.

Excuse me for above, how do I know this persons female?
It's probably a prick!