A Bitchy girl's seat.

Dear AL:
I was sitting on a seat, without knowing that it was a bitchy girl's seat. Well, as the story would go, the bitchy girl came up to me, and growled, "Do you mind?" making a suggestion that it was her seat. I wasn't quite sure whether to say "yes" or "no" because of course I didn't want to give her the seat, seeing as there was no sign that it was hers, yet she was kind of intimidating. What should I say if something like this happens again? -- Shazza, shazza1112.blogspot.com

Dear Shazza:
Just be polite and say: "Where's your papers? If you're the owner of this seat, you surely have documentation to back this claim up, bitch." (Prepare to be carved)

Seriously, I wouldn't give in. But if you hate confrontation, save your face and give her the seat, unless you know for a fact she wont lay a finger on you, and isn't drunk, then blow her off.

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brendalove@gmail.com said...

Better yet, take some self-defense lessons so you can kick ass when necessary! Mess that bitch up - AND her little chair too.