Should I make the move?

Dear Al:
Thanks for your reply! Ok, during the 1st lunch, he did asked me some questions that is related to his report! (but I didn't tell him that much since I used to work in the same news agent as well, so I know the rules)!!! But during 2nd time, he didn't ask me anything about the company or industry that I am currently working in, instead, we talk about loads of common interests and we did joked alot! So I am really confuse now!!!! Should I make the move (not knowing whether he just wanna treat me as a friend)?
-- Sherry, C----

Dear Sherry:
Continuing where we left off, you know he was trying to use you, risking your job on this date, but you went out with him on a second date anyway? You wont believe how wide open you are right now, but I let you slide. Maybe he looked like Jackie Chan.

Being alone in a foreign country sucks, makes you desperate for companionship, sex, babies, but don't let that cloud your judgement. He's there for a story, not looking to start a family. Wait till he calls, but if he doesn't, forget him, and move on.

If he's interested in you, or your company, he will call. I just don't think it's a good idea seeing him since you're putting your job at risk. Go back to China if you're lonely and save yourself the trouble.


RHSPapa aka The Sane said...

Oh Oh Oh Bearly Christmas! said...

I'm with Al the Wise and Wonderful....wait to see if he calls again. Maybe he really does think you are a hot chick and he is interested in a relationship, but I would take it very slow with him. said...

Al - Blab and I broke up because he wouldn't stop talking. Seriously.

If anybody ever writes to you complaining that their man won't talk to them....just send them my way and I'll set them right on up.