My doctor gave me placebos

Dear AL:
Last Friday I discovered that my doctor gave me a placebo, stating it was something else for my condition. I overheard him tell his nurse this since he has a hearing problem and doesn't realize he's loud. I didn't say anything to him back then, but since it troubled me over the weekend, I told him I knew this past Monday. He apologized, stating that sometimes power of suggestion, the placebo effect, usually helps patients with my problem. He then gave me some medicine stating that it was the real deal, but on the way out I overheard him saying to his nurse about giving mrs whiny pants (me) another placebo. I confronted him, and he denied saying this, and that I have until Friday to pay my bill, $300!

Al, I don't have any insurance, lost my job, and I'm almost out of money. How am I gona pay for this? He knows I'm struggling.
-- Trish, New York

Dear Trish:
Everyone has the game Monopoly, well there's plenty of cash in there.

Seriously, you need to seek a malpractice attorney. Yes, I know you don't have the money, but most attorneys provide free consultation. Bring up the idea with an attorney about carrying a voice activated recorder on you the next time you visit your doctor. I don't know the laws where you're at, but I don't see a problem with this since you're gona need as much proof as possible, or it will come down to your word against this quacks about those Placebos.

Good luck!

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