Lost job due to April Fools' Day prank

Dear AL:
Today I lost my job after pulling an April fools' prank on my boss that was a little over the top. I dropped him an email using an anonymous form online, pretending to be his girlfriend who works here, stating she's breaking up with him, and for him to leave her alone. After reading this email, he charged out of the office, and crashed into a coworker, spilling hot coffee on both of them. Megan, his girlfriend stood up and asked if he was ok, and he shooted back "F--- you bitch! You can keep to yourself!" and charged back into his office. I later then apologized to Megan for what happened, and about an hour later my boss called me into his office, showed me the email, and told me to pack my things. I told him I was sorry, but he just looked at me and said "buh bye darling," and called security.

My boss and Megan patched things up, just wonder how I can. It was a stupid joke, but I really need this job. Is there anything I can say or do to get it back?
-- Brian, Georgia

Yo Brian:
You're joking right? No?


Look, mail your boss a new shirt, then call him to plead for your job. If that doesn't work you can take it to the next level, the human resource office, and maybe they can mediate something between you two. If you're a good worker, he can't fire you because of a joke, but since you caused him bodily harm with that hot cup of coffee, and mental anguish between him and his girlfriend, he has a case to get rid of your ass.

It doesn't look good, but you'll be ok. The government still makes cheese!


Cynnie said...

of course megan and the boss made up..
he's fucking her..

you are a moron and you deserved to lose your job..
it was a mean spirited ,bullshit idea and you must have wanted to get canned.

Cynnie said...

hiya al!.

I always have an opinion

Dear AL said...

Hey Cynnie!

My home is your home!