I dont see us together in the long run

Dear AL:
Should I go out with someone I don't love? He is not a friend, so we only meet for dates. Indeed I enjoyed his company but I don't see us together in the long run. Whereas my family only wants me to consider potential husbands...
-- Yvonne, Sydney, Australia

Dear Yvonne:
Nothing wrong with having a fuck buddy, but don't put your eggs in one basket if you don't see a future with him. I'm not saying to hunt down potential husbands like a desperate old lady, or to stop seeing this guy, just spread the love around and have a good time. Make sure this guy knows right off the bat that you only enjoy his company and nothing more, because he might see a future with you, specially if his family is coaching him on to date potential wives. Don't lead this guy on if he wants more than a peace of ass, because the next thing you know he'll drop to his knees, and it's not to give you head!

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