Best friend made a couple breakup

Dear AL:
My best friend is a wolf. He made a couple breakup (that couple is our juniors). Now the boy make revenge by wrote a sarcasm poetry (titled “Looser” – good – sound like Ace Ventura) and posted it on our school’s bulletin board, make him embarrassed. When we read it (and laughed at it too), my best friend asked me to re-write that poetry (it’s written by hand before), and I made a nice, bling-bling, full of heart and flower, with Kahlil Gibran’ word inside, printout version of that poetry, and I posted it at bulletin board too. But next day when we saw that printout version, he asked my opinion about this problem, and I said “Honestly, you deserve this. You’re really a bastard wolf.” Then he said “You don’t understand me.” And he got angry. Well, that breakup couple is also friends of mine too. Nah, how can I make this situation better or even worse? I’d like to hear your opinion too.

Thanks, AL..

PS: Sorry if my English is bad... I’m Indonesian. hahaha
-- Monika, Indonesia

Dear Monika:
Don't worry about your English, I understood everything. So your best friend is mad at you because of your opinion of what he did to your other friends. Does Bastard Wolf mean asshole?

The best thing you could do right now is to stop calling him bastard wolf, and don't even think about stupid chimp. Drop what he did to your other friends, that's unless he's an evil leopard, then I suggest you get away from him before he morphs into a fathead rhinoceros. I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

haha..tq for ur reply, AL.
yup..he's kinda asshole.but however he's my bestfriend.
i haven't meet him since the day he'd angry at me.he did't attended class.

Dear AL said...

Your welcome, Monika.

Hopefully he will understand what he did was wrong, but if he's a dirty dog, you may have saw the last of him.

Anonymous said...

wew.he appearred again..
and we acted like nothing wrong had happened.
and he come with new junior girl again..
bwahahaha.really playboy