Friends emotionally stress use blanks

Dear AL:
Its me again. Come with another problem bout my friends. I have two friends, they both girl. They had same problem, when they got emotionally stress , they blank themselves with blank, n felt relieved when they see blank blank blank.
The first one getting her stress from fight with her step-mother, and the second one usually stress coz of fight with his boyfriend. His?
Um, the first one started getting psycho. Once, she angry with a loud-mouth boy in our class, and she cornered him on corridor n talked sarcasm to him while holding a blank and a blank, pointed straight at his nose.
So.. i hope ur advice. Thanks!
- Monika, Indonesia

Dear Monika:
Sorry about the blanks.

My advice to you, get as far away from these crazies you call friends before one of them pulls a blank on you, and blank you up. If you need to move to another country since you're surrounded by crazies, MOVE! Just one more thing, they'll send you to prison if they catch you boarding a plane with a blank, so leave it home, alright!

I'm kidding. I know you're not violent, Monika. Just do what I said above, and get away from them. If it's not easy to do, then just be nice until you get your chance to RUN! Take care of yourself, babe.


Anonymous said...

i've said english is bad...sorry..
whuahahahaha...while i read ur advise i got blank out from my blank blank..till my mum needed to call blank blank...

Dear AL said...