I want to quit lying, but it's hard.

Dear Al:
For the past years I have been lying. Lying so much that all of those revolves me believe every single word that I have said. I want to quit lying, but it's hard. It has turn into a habit. Can you tell me what to do to stopped this lies.
-- Liar, Singapore

Dear Liar:
Shut the fuck up!

I hope this helped.


Jess said...

HAHAH! I think you may have helped him. I have to wonder how these people end up coming to you. I'm tempted to make something up just so you can make fun of it haha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ps. my girl is in the process of recording her demo.. and hope to be well on the way to the video you mentioned you'd like to place on your site. just wanted ya to know we haven't forgotten ya! :)

Lindsay Champion said...

Boo Al! Lying can turn into an addiction. Tell him he needs to hit a rock bottom before he will stop his lying.

lindsay || newyorkwords.net

Jayden Vasara said...

LOL - love your response!!!!!!!

Dear AL said...

Jess, most lurkers who find my blog from an index page through Google don't take the time to research, reading up on my other responses before submitting their problem.

No problem, Tracie. When the video is ready, just let me know.

Lindsay, it might be a while before this person hits rock bottom, specially if everybody believes Beaves.

Jayden, Alway looking to please.

Anonymous said...

just got your comment.. and i think your scan was a lot worse than mine! at least mine was expected!! good grief, i sure hope you don't see any negative affects from it!
and i'm glad they gave me real meds too! i think i finally slept through the night :D

Jess said...

Al-thanks for the kind comment!! that's really cool that you shoot basketball too, regardless of whether or not you shoot the action! :)
I always use my Canon 40D, that lens I used (turns out) was the best one, it was the 28-135mm. As of right now that's the only camera body I have haha. I do have 3 lenses though!!
Again, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate it!

Dear AL said...

Jess, I run a basketball pickup tournament once a month, but hopefully one day I'll find a professional like yourself to capture the guys in action.

Tracie, That same night after getting hit by that radar numerous times, I had a major headache, and the next morning I was sick. I was so freaked out by this, but now that I'm feeling a little better, it was probably just a cold.

Vengelyne said...

You're still giving sound advice to peeps out there, Al. ;-)

How are you, btw? =)