I'm being harassed at work!

Dear AL
There are these people that keep harassing me every week at my job. When they order food at the drive threw they always ask for whoppers knowing full well they're at McDonalds! What can I tell these people to leave me alone?
-- Upset in Seattle Washington

Dear Upset:
Tell them no pork at all.

Um.. upset... you work at a fast food place. Maybe it's the same jokers harassing you every week, but I bet they're probably confused customers. I don't know how many times I asked for happy meals at Burger King, so this might be the case.

If it is the same people, have your supervisor take the order. Don't burst a vessel over this, or you'll never make manager!

What would Ronald do?

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love said...

I don't think theres a good reason to be upset at this, unless you love Mcdonalds with all your heart. I guess it might get annoying after hearing it all the time, but if this issue really upsets you to the point where you want people to leave you alone, then maybe you have even bigger issues. And maybe you need a different job because if you work in the food service industry, there is no way people would ever leave you alone.