Savings Wane. Freeloader, friend, not paying rent!

Dear AL:
So for the past month or so I've been "renting" a room with a friend. At first I was supposed to pay the rent for 2 weeks while she found a job or got family to pay... But now it has been 5 weeks and she has not paid! On Monday I told her to give me either her half of the rent by today (Thursday) or she would have to move out by this coming Monday. Her reply was "okay." since then she has been getting home like at 4am when I am obviously asleep since I work in the mornings and she doesn't wake up till way after I am gone. I have a feeling that she is planning on not paying this week. Can I really kick her out? I am the only person with a contract with the land lady... Do you think that I can ask her for her keys and move her stuff to the hallway if she doesn't pay? I am saddened because we used to be good friends but my savings are almost gone... Please give me advice on what to do...
-- Noret, the city that never sleeps

Dear Noret:
Kick the bitch out! This freeloader is no friend if she's treating you like Ugly Betty. As soon as she steps out, move her stuff into the hall, and give her a call. Better she finds out right away that you kicked her out to avoid a raving bitch banging on your door at 4am. Before the call, try to have a friend over for support, but avoid physical or verbal confrontation with the leech. Last thing you need is her suing you because your friend gave her a knuckle sandwich. She'll have plenty of money then.

If she doesn't give you the keys, call in sick the next day, and have the land lady change the locks. Explain to her that you lost your spare, and that you just recieved three disturbing phone calls of heavy breathing 20 minutes apart. You have to lay it on thick if you don't want that bitch screwing with your stuff while you're at work. I know it's not easy since she use to be a friend, but it has to be done. She's taking you for a sucker!

Anyway, even if she was to find a job, there's a chance she wont pay what she owes since she was able to get away with not paying in the past. She'll probably come up with reasons not to pay her share, or pay enough, stating she needs it for a car, pay off credit card debt, plane ticket to visit her parents, ect... Fuck that! Follow what I stated above, and kick her ass out!

Kw's: diminishing nest egg, losing reserves, taken advantaged of, deceived, swindled, duped, fooled, pushover (Just trying to motivate you. Don't be a sap!)


Jess said...

hahaha! right on! it's hard to do, but well worth it. you'll be thankful you did haha. it's not worth the sleepless nights worrying about the freaking money she owes you

R.C. said...

I agree... kick her to the curb ;) Ughhhh... I hate freeloaders like that!!! They are everywhere ... TAKING OVER THE WORLD... what the eff is wrong with people??? Get a damn job..

Heather said...

Actually I love your advice lol I wish I could fold you up and put you in my pocket so you can help me in all my wildness that I get into

Dear AL said...

Jess, R.C., I know a freeloader, and our taxpayer dollars is paying this persons salary. I would explain more, but he might be reading my blog.

Heather, if you're not hurting anyone, go on with your bad self. You don't need help if you're having fun! You only live once! :)

Heather said...

Your right ... see I still wish I could just fold you up though

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