Possessive friends hate new friend with friends

Dear AL
i have a friends but when i know someone new and become friends they becomes closer 2 me than the other friends or her best friend and i feel so bad coz my friend looking 2 me and im thinking that she r annoyed so i decide not 2 know someone new if she or him have friends only if he havent friends then i can know him or her so i want soloution please
-- Beyonce, Egypt

Dear Beyonce

Ok... You have friends. You also love the word friends since it's mentioned seven times in your run-on sentence. When you make new friends, your other friends become closer, or her best friend? Anyway, you feel bad cause' your friend (wasn't it friends?) looks at you like *WTF?*, making you think she (friend) is annoyed. You then decide not to make new friends if they have friends, but if a potential friend happens to have no friends (loser), then you can become friends, keeping your old friends happy and friendly.

Sounds like you hangout with bunch of bitches.

You need to talk to your old friends. Let them know you're not their property. Seeing others doesn't mean you're putting them on the back burner. You're still their friend, but they have to understand you need your space. Freedom to choose who you want to be friends with. If they refuse to accept this, give them the boot. Don't waste your time with possessive people, they'll drain you dry, making you lose your sense of self. Move on and make new friends who don't carry shackles. I hope this helped.

Kw's: needy, clingy, emotionally attached, selfish friends, kicked to the curb

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Dear AL said...

To anyone reading my above response, I was joking when I stated "loser," for someone with no friends.

Carry on... :)