Big Oil Clean Energy Strategy with no investment.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill as seen from space by NASA's Terra satellite on May 24, 2010

I work for an international oil corporation. If you were intrusted to come up with a strategy to convert over to clean energy with mininmun investment to do so, what would your strategy be? Incase you're wondering, I don't work for BP. Very unfortunate what's happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Hopefully they stop the oil leak soon.
-- George the Oilman

Dear Gusher
Any real investment instead of those bullshit clean energy commericals on CNN will return huge profits in the future, but since you guys want to pinch pennies you could do it the old fahion way. Have us tax payers foot the bill. Why change now?

Say you want to sell hydrogen in the US:

1. Get together with the auto industry and pick a state to start with or service stations across the country.

2. Have Uncle Sam (taxpayers) foot the bill for a new hydrogen vehicle factory, fuel station conversions and new hydrogen creation plants by the ocean.

3. The technology is out there for vehicles to produce their own hydrogen while idled or in use, so your factory could also be a simple water collection/treatment plant.

4. Hydrogen vehicles will have a special fuel tank connection that will only open at hydrogen or H2O fueling stations. To conserve clean water at home (insure company profits), the government will have to inact a law where heavy fines are issued if water from homes and other public works is treated to fuel hydrogen vehicles.

5. Finally, show commercials of these real world changes on CNN. (No bullshit this time.)

6. Total conversion of all car factories and fuel stations and more water or hydrogen plants on coasts paid by taxpayers (like we had a choice in the past). Hey, if my tax dollars adverts another oil catastrophie and saves the environment, you guys can pick my pockets (I'm fuckin kidding ok!).

Big Oil Pros:
* You didn't spend a single dollar to convert to clean energy.
* No more drilling! There's a lot of ocean out there.
* During hurricane season, pump prices will go sky high! 100 dollars a barrel every summer... no fault of your own.
* You'll finally get hear Sarah Palin say "Suck, baby, suck!" but not like you're gonna get something, ok, so dream on.

Taxpayer Pros:
* Tax dollars will finally be used to save the environment, not destroy it.
* Job creation that promotes clean energy.
* When conversion to this clean technology is complete nation wide, you wont need our tax dollars anymore.
* More tax dollars for Wall Street Bailouts! Oops... that's fuckin' a con.

Now if any of you oil corporations out there inacts this clean energy strategy, remember you heard it here first. I want my two dollars! TWO DOLLARS!

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