Difficult Making Friends

All work and no play sucks!Dear Al:
My husband and I moved out to the east coast two years ago. We both have very demanding jobs and his job has him gone weeks at a time. The one thing that I am finding difficult is finding new friends. My husband's schedule is unpredicable so we can not plan around it. I am 28 years old and it seems like everyone already has a group of friends. It isn't like college and everyone is in the same position you are. I feel like such a nerd trying to make friends.
Any suggestions?
--New kid on the block

Dear New Kid:
Sucks to be you!

Seriously, making new friends takes time, but you don't have any after two years? Talk about living in a bubble!

Get involved in community activities, and I'm not talking about dealing drugs. Look into faith based community activities, sports, and special interest activities, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you're not interested in community activities, you're screwed! Just kidding!

If you want friends, you need to be out there, not kooked up in your home hoping someone comes knocking. Good luck, New Kid!


Monika said...

Go out! Pubs are a great place to meet people, usually the clientele is much more laid back than at clubs and lounges

Webmiztris said...

dude, I moved to the town I currently live in 5 years ago and I STILL only have one friend in this town. I have no problem MEETING people. My problem is meeting people I LIKE!

Dancewriter said...

I can really relate to the letter writer. It's not so tough to meet people, but it IS tough to make close friends once you are out of college. Everyone is so busy with their own lives...

ramblings said...

So she doesn't have one friend from her job?
You make friends by just being approachable and friendly.

Many people I know tend to come off as shy and reserved, and it's hard to approach them, and they don't realize they're giving off that fib.

Chuck said...

New Kid hasn't met the right people yet, or she's a Monk. Even Monks have to leave the Monastery to get the ingredients for their Trappist beer.

Think about that, New Kid!

Vengelyne said...

I have the same problem as Webmiztris -- meeting people I like. I can make friends easily anywhere and anytime I want to, but I don't. I call myself a selective socialist. =)

And I dislike community activities. Never took part in any before. Am I screwed then, Al?

Dear AL said...

Monika, good idea! After a few shots, everybody will be her friend!

Dawn, do you like me? You know you do!

Dancewriter, if she thinks things are bad now, wait till she has kids!

Ramblings, you're 100% correct? I would rather hang out with someone who's open, but sometimes shy people can be fun once you get them good and loaded!

Chuck, look at the brains on you! ***SMACK***

Vengelyne,you will never catch me at a community activity, but if my kids are involved, I'm there!

luckysevn said...

Alright, where does New Kid live??? Because I'M on the east coast, I'M 28, I'VE lived in my town for two years now, and I ALSO have, like, one friend. I'm sort of like Vengelyne - a "selective socialist." Well, there's that, and all the people I've worked with out here are from another country and only socialize with people who speak their language... so it's not really MY fault, right??? Couldn't possibly be... ;-)

Rose said...

Al, great advice aside from the Sucks to be you!LOL

The Stiltwalker said...

get on yahoo and meet some folks...just watch out for the pervs who get caught on Dateline, lol.

ramblings said...

Your right, I had a friend that was a total blast when she was a tad bit loaded, but she was actually very shy and reserved.

just me said...

Hey! I'm one of those shy and reserved people--until I've had a few drinks. Then watch out!!!!