Can U Suggest Some Cool Summer Jobs?

dearest al:
as a first year uni student with friday and weeknds off, can u suggest some cool jobs for me to get soem cash? im probably majoring accounting, but only experienced in bakery shop. what should i work as?!
so many to choose frm! soemthing fun for 18yr old me? or career-wise? =i
laborous, un-career relevant but easier to get jobs like...brand takeaways? checkout chic? or hava crack at database enrty, market call-surveying -_- (frustating)

hope u find me a job thats not min. wage, meets ppl =) and not daggy.
-- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous:
At first I was gona recommend some customer service positions, but then I remembered that almost all are outsourced to India. Don't you hate that?

In fields like retail and hospitality, employers are often very interested in hiring teens. There are alot of great outdoor jobs like working at a park, beach, or summer camp. How about a job at a hospital, zoo, or at a museum? You could also tutor English over the weekends! How cool is that?

Let your friends, family, teachers know that you're looking for a job.
You might find a weekend or summer job this way through referrals. For more info about finding a job check out "Teen Jobs" and "Teen Job Search Tips" at I hope this helped! Good luck!


Chuck said...

I'm first again! This is gona be a great day!

luckysevn said...

What's "daggy?" Am I that old that I just don't get it anymore?

Sweety said...

I wanna know what daggy is too!

That's some really good advice for Anonymous (what a strange name! ;)

The Dormitory Boys said...

Yeah! What does daggy mean?

So far the new words we learned from bloggers are "diss", "owned", "extra", and our favorite "beaver face"!

Monika said...

I too am confused by "daggy" does she/he mean dodgy?


Vengelyne said...

Or Chuck could offer anonymous a babysitting job to babysit him?

The Stiltwalker said...

just don't consider working for a newspaper. your grammar sucks crotch.

Webmiztris said...

become a lifeguard! checking out people and sitting poolside all day sounds like heaven to me... :)

Anonymous said...

yay i jus realised, my parents mortgage was refinanced so i dun have to work. Thanks for the response though :)

btw, in Australia, daggy just means unfashionable.

Monika said...


I get it ;)

Monika said...

wait a minute, you should still get a job... Experience is always a plus for employers down the line you know.

Dear AL said...

Chuck? ***SMACK!***

luckysevn, I feel ya!

Sweety, thanks! Was hoping you knew what daggy ment!

Dormitory Boys, how do you use Extra?

Monika, I think it means throw-up, but I'll get back with ya on that.

Vengelyne, great idea! See, we're looking out for ya Chuck!

Stiltwalker, that would be soemthing seeing her write for a paper.

Dawn, until she has to save someone. Don't you hate that?

Anonymous, good for you! I always wanted to bum off my parents!

Monika, good advice! I thought daggy was like dag me with a spoon.