He Wants To Keep His Options Open

Dear Al:
I am dating this guy for over a year and he wants to be able to come and go as he pleases. He doesn't want to be able to be told what to do. He has a lot of female friends and wants to be able to have them over no matter what time of day it is. They have been over his house even past 12 midnight. I'm not aware of this ahead of time, I just call and he mentions it. He says I'm acting ridiculous when I react. He never wanted to compromise with anything because he felt he would lose his identity. Lately he has been compromising with some things. We did break up briefly and got back together but he said "he wants to keep his options open" -- is he just using me until something better comes along? Or what he perceives as something better? I am still intimate with him. Should I stop? What's your opinion of this guy?
-- Christine, Philadelphia

Dear Christine:
Should I stop? WAKE-UP!!!

He tells you he wants to keep his options open, and your like "duh... okay, honey!"

This Player doesn't give a shit about you! You're just someone he has on the side when he's unable to get laid somewhere else. He's gona screw a girl carrying an STD and pass it on to you, that's if he hasn't already done so!

First step, dump his ass and don't look back! Second, get yourself checked out! Third, stop being so needy! Learn to be alone, forget about guys for a while, and just hangout with your girlfriends. Respect yourself, and the next guy will respect you!

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Monika said...



The Stiltwalker said...

sounds like someone has low self esteem.

Dear AL said...

Monika, you tell her!

Stiltwalker, for some reason I couldn't find those words. See what staying up late does to ya! Thanks for helping me out!

Dayngr said...

Uh... He's just not that into you! When a man says he wants to keep his options open what he is really saying is I'll keep you around because I don't want ot be alone but the minute someone better comes along you are so outta here. Of course, guys like this will keep calling you and keep you as a "friend" so that you'll always be their "fallback on" girl" when they are between relationships. Drop this loser, buy the book "He's just not that into you" and consult AL before committing to another loser.

Christine said...

You're right guys, I do have low self esteem. I just needed a good swift kick in the ass to wake me the f$%# up! Thanks!