My site shares the same server as Joe Lieberman's!

Dear Al:
My site shares the same server as Joe Lieberman's! Why can't Ned Lamont play fair? This DOS attack of his is not only hurting Lieberman, but it's also hurting mines! is a great service! I've been with them for over 2 weeks! Not one time have they went down until recently!

Deep down I know Ned Lamont is a closet Republican that Bush is trying to get elected! He has everyone fooled! Joe was agains't everything about Bush, except the war because he was kissing his ass, but that wasn't enough, so Bush kissed him back to ruin his chances in keeping his Senate seat! Ned is going to all lengths, including attacking Joe's site, which is also an attack on!

Al, what's your take on this? Can I sue Ned?
-- Jannis, Use to be online

Dear Jannis:
Whoa! That was deep!

You truly believe Ned Lamont is a closet Republican like wannabe Joe? Did you forget to take your medication?

How can you judge a webhost if you only been with them for only two weeks, Georgette? and your site are down because Joe Lieberman's site exceeded it's bandwidth on an overcrowded server. You can read more about this on the Daily Kos homepage.

You have a better chance at suing Joe than Ned, unless you're retarded. Have a nice day!

Update: After reading Mr. Bob Dobolina comment on Wonkette, I did a little research and discovered that is a reseller for The Planet. Like Joe Lieberman, Jannis, you're hosting your site with a business that's hosted on another webhost! LOL!


Mr. Universe said...

Jannis, Are you for real?

Bush must have kissed her!

Jenny'O said...

is this person for real?
i think maybe your 'retarded' joke was maybe not so funny seeing as how this lady seems to have ridden the short bus to school as a kid.

Jannis said...

That wasn't funny! How should I know that is a reseller? Anybody can make that mistake, specially if it's not mentioned on the resellers site!

I'm taking my medication! Ned Lamont is a closet Republican! So there! Retard!

The Dormitory Boys said...

Sorry to hear about your problem Jannis! We don't think you are retarded.


lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

LOL you people crack me up