How Can I Make Xiaxue Take Me As Her Man?

Hey Al!
I'm very upset! Xiaxue, a blogger who is love of my life is denying me! How can she not feel the conectshion when I rite her on her blog? She's famous, so I can understand this has clouded her dinking, but this making me sad. We belong together! Al, how can I make Xiaxue to take me as her man?
-- Soulmate, Xiaxue's blog

Yo Soul:
Get a hold of yourself! Maybe doesn't feel the connection because you can't fuckin' write! The only person who's thinking is clouded is yours, natureboy. You're not the only person who has fallen head over heals for her, but you might be the only moron online who thinks he's Xiaxue's soulmate.

Move along, you don't have a chance!

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Kim said...

Agh! Not Xiaxue!

*Gouging eyes out*

Li said...

*Stepping on eyeballs*


There you go, Kim, you'll never see her again!

Soulmate, or can I call you Xiaxue? You're pathetic!

Mr. Universe said...

Isn't she the girl who impersonated another blogger?

I'm sure Soulmate is not really Xiaxue, she gets enough attention.

KaraMia said...

ouch Al, you're one harsh man...but that doesnt mean your not Oh, and by the way, you can back up sing for me anyday.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

i totally agree with kim *gouges eyes out too*

Rose said...

That's telling it like it is.

esther said...

actually, if he was really such a big fan of hers, he'd know that she's already attached now...

Silk Willow said...

Hey i am not surprised there are poor folks out there who are in love with this young lady. She's talented, pretty but in a skanky kind of way, but pretty nevertheless. Doesn't matter, she's still my fave blogger. Never fails to make me spit my meal out whenever I'm dining in front of my puter.