WTF is Holiday Mathis Trying To Say?

Dear Al:
I've been playing Lotto forever, and haven't won a thing. My astrology sign stated yesterday that I have a good chance this week, but today it states "Gorillas show they're in love by picking nits off of one another."

What the fuck is Holiday Mathis trying to say?
-- The Player,

Yo Player:
She's horny! I hope this helped!

Welcome to Blogger, and good luck playing Lotto!

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FLIPPANT said...

Holiday Mathis is obviously a 400lb gorilla who is in love with you and would like to play with your nits before lotto this week.


Sherry said...


Vengelyne said...

Lol @ flippant.

The Player should try other horroscope sites as well besides sticking to just one unless it's a really good one...

I personally recommend Cainer. He's good.

Monika said...


I'm gone said...

Love it! I'm sooo linking you. I'm new to the site. I'll be by regularly :D

The Player said...

Horny? Fucking cool!

I haven't been laid in ages!

Jackie said...

LMAO! Your blog rocks, Al!

Coming from Perez Hiltons site

Chuck said...

Maybe I can get some too, but I'm not taking sloppy seconds, Player!

Kate said...

I think Holiday is hungry. LOL!

Glad you commented on Perez Hilton's blog, or I would never known you existed! Move over Dear Abby!