How Can I Tell My Girlfriend That She Sucks!

Dear Al:
I love my girlfriend to death, but she can't dance! It's so embarrassing to go clubbing with her! Even her girlfriends keep their distance when we're dancing. Last weekend I pretended that I needed to use the toilet and left her on the dance floor. I was hoping she would go back to our table, but she stayed out there dancing. As I walked off the floor I saw some guys laughing, and one imitated her moves. I pushed the guy, and he pushed me back, then we started to fight! When my girlfriend saw this, she came off the floor, then the bouncers threw us out stating it's all her fault! She then dragged me and her girlfriends (kicking and screaming) to another club!

Al, how can I tell my girlfriend that she can't dance without hurting her feelings? -- Tony, UK

Yo Tony:
Tell her that she sucks!

Look, there is no way around it, her feelings are gona get hurt. If you don't tell her now she will eventually find out, then she'll be even more mad at you for not stopping her from making a fool of herself.

Do you want to see this happen on the dance floor?

I didn't think so!

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Titania said...

I love the video! She needs to get herself some lessons!

Vengelyne said...

I dunno what's the problem if she can't dance and still enjoys dancing on the dance floor. It's all about the fun, not whether she sucks or not or if the whole dance floor is laughing at her. If she doesn't mind and enjoys it, then just let her be.

Mr. Universe said...

Vengelyne, in some cases you have to tell the person if he or she can't dance. I have a friend that injured 3 people because she thinks she's still a background dancer for MC Hammer! She's now even more dangerous because she weighs 230lbs!

ramblings said...

Damn it Al, you made me spit my pop out!
That was hilarious, and kind of brought back memories.

Have a nice day!

Monika said...


Webmiztris said...

al, that video just made my day....lmao!

another option is for this guy to get everybody in the bar plastered - then his girl's dancing won't look so bad to them!!

The Stiltwalker said...

he should send her an e-greeting.

Rose said...

Sit down and watch the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine can't dance and then say "hey you dance like that." LOL

Or send her this video with a note saying not that I'm trying to tell you anything hunny.

The other option is to love her enough that you don't give a crap what others think. I mean come on. So what she can't dance! She is having fun isn't she?

Al,please note that I have nominated you for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. Good luck!

Paul F. said...

William Hung can't sing. That never stopped him. Maybe she can dance with the stars!

Chuck said...

Al, you made me choke on my Pepsi! LMAO!

Keep the video coming!

Trish said...

"Keep the video coming!"

It's "Keep the videos coming!" Chuck.


Sweety said...

Or suggest you go take dancing lessons togeteher. If that ain't love.. :)

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I love the video! LOL!

Honesty is the best policy. Ask her to follow your dance rythmn the next time... Monkey dancing is booboo.