We'll Hurt Her Feelings! What Can We Do?

Dear AL:
We have this friend who always sticks around us. And we kind of don't like her to stick to us because her jokes are really lame and she really embarrasses us when we go out together. Plus, we didn't even invite her to come along! If we tell her that we don't want her to tag along, we'll hurt her feelings. What can we do?
-- Silly Girls

Yo Silly:
Aren't friends suppose to stick together? Why call her a friend if you don't want her to hang around with you?

If she's a friend, let her know when she makes a lame joke or embarasses you. Friends suppose to help each other out. But if she's the kind of person who gets her kicks out of embarrassing you and your friends with insults, spreading rumors, or cruel jokes, ect... tell her to stop or find new friends. Don't worry about hurting her feelings if she's cruel, it will make her a better person or turn her into the next Ann Coulter. I hope this helped!

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ramblings said...

Sorry Al, gotta say it.....


Ok, what is it that she does that really embarrasses you? Her manner of dress? Her hair styles? Her face? Does she do shit to embarrass you on purpose? What?

Those are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself when dealing with this sitch. If you do consider her a "friend" then you need to tell her, and if it's a physical thing, then help her out. She may not know how to dress, maybe she's been sheltered all her life.
If she's just mean to be mean, then don't worry about her feelings. She isn't worrying about yours now is she?

Webmiztris said...

Oh god, don't EVER use the words "next Ann Coulter" again, Al! *shudder*

Chuck said...

Ramblings, as long as I live, you'll never be first again!

b o o said...

tell it like it is, yes siree. i r back (and better me hopes), thanks for visiting boobaloo :)

ramblings said...

Hahahaha, Chuck!

Rose said...

Well said Al!

L>T said...

OH My gosh I thought it was my blog buddies talking about me for a minute!

Couldn't be though, as I am sure they all love me & think I am wittier then hell.

Don't they?

Mr. Universe said...

Al, are you getting soft on us? Nice to see that you're not a complete hardass!

Sweety said...

Good answer!

The pictures you post with the stories: hilarious! LOL! :)