I'm throwing in the towel! Life sucks!

Dear AL:
I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I just feel like life is not worth living anymore. Everything seems to be going wrong.
My boyfriend broke up with me, my family hates me, my only friend moved away, I lost my job, and now I'm gona lose my home because I can't pay the rent! I don't want to move back home because my parents are alcoholics, and my step dad touches me!
I've have depression for a few years now, and I can't bare any of this anymore. I'm throwing in the towel! Life sucks!

Al, before I go, can you make me laugh? I haven't done that in a long time. Just please no advice.

I'm still waiting on your blog.
-- Kate, Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Kate:
I know how you feel, and I'm gona try to decribe what I went through as humorous as I possibly can. No refund if it sucks, Alright!

I was... ah... one time... um... at band camp...

Never thought I would ever be lost for words.
Kate, you ruined my groove! Rot in hell!


Kate said...

LMAO! Thanks, AL!

Think I'll stick around. I hear Hell sucks!

Mr. Universe said...

Al, you're my hero!

No! I'm not gay!

Diane said...

You saved her life by calling her a bitch. Now I've seen everything! LOL!

You just made my favorites list!

Li said...

Why do the Dormitory boys call you guys friends if they're not on your blogroll. Hmmm...

Anyway, dude, good job!

Dear AL said...

Kate, you're welcome, babe!

Jonathan, sure... I hear Chuck wants ya!

Diane, you haven't seen everything. Welcome aboard!

Li, the Dorm Boys are not on my blogroll. Never knew I was on theirs. Ah man! Guess I have to return the favor!

b o o said...

lets git in the hot tub togetherly

Karen said...

You were at band camp too?! I don't know why, I can't read music but I found I didn't need to. *snortle* ;-)

ramblings said...

WOW, what a great strategy. I think I spelled that one.
Anyways, have a great day Al.

ramblings said...

Oh, P.S.

You were on my favorits list first.