Have to make a nature documentary. Clueless!

Dear AL:
Everyone in my class has been tasked to create a nature documentary over the weekend by whatever recording means we choose to use, and it has to be turned Monday morning next week. Tomorrow we have to submit what were gona film, but I'm clueless. Can you throw me an idea of what to video tape like yesterday? Thanks!
-- Penny, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Penny:
Another innocent nature film of the Wood Spider would be nice.

Minus the drugs!

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Sharon said...


Webmiztris said...

i love that video!

Mr. Althouse said...

That's pretty good. I just wonder what the Meth and the heroine spiders are doing. I guess it would be similar to the pot and caffeine spiders, except with the DEA hot on the case.

Michele sent me,