I'm old, plus this is a major red mark!

Dear AL:
Word is going around that I'm about to get the boot. I've been working for our advertising firm for over 7 years, made them millions of dollars, but recently we lost a contract due to laptop malfunctions during a presentation. Me and my secretary tried to show a presentation on similar laptops, but those computers crashed. My boss thinks this happened due to incompetence, not the cheap laptops he brought that eveyone complains about, including a secretary he's fucking. Al, no one is gona hire me if my boss gets me fired! I'm old, plus this is a major red mark! What can I do to prevent him from dragging my name through the mud? He just ordered us to turn in all laptops to him for new ones.
-- Jason

Yo Jason:
Would have been nice if you told us the brand name and model of those laptops so we don't make the mistake of buying it. I hope your ass gets fired! :P

Anyway, it sounds like your boss is trying to cover his tracks with the new laptops, but there's just one problem, George probably used company funds to buy the old laptops as well as the new ones, so there's a record. Document the laptop malfunctions you had during the presentation as well as the complaints made about these machines by fellow employees. Make a formal complaint with your companies human resource office, or take this matter over your bosses head to his boss to point out the faulty laptops he brought. Start a blog and tell the world, and let your coworkers know because it will get back to the CEO's, but make no threats of blackmail like a dumbass, not even as a joke. No company wants it's name dragged through the mud over the internet for wrongly accussing someone for anothers persons incompetence. Last thing, pray your boss is not sleeping with his boss, or you're fucked!


daxx said...

Your boss is incompetent no matter what you do. Here's a website that may be of assistance. Link here. They may be able to help you better than I.

I can relate to what you're going through although I was pink slipped due to downsizing after 14 years at an ad firm. When I got out, it was a supposedly Brave New World. I've had to take a cut in my salary which really pissed me off.

Anyway, enough of that. I think if you look at the reasons why you should stay versus the ones why you should leave anyway and highlight the ones you can't change, that will give you a better idea of your position.

If you're not going to get a new / better boss and you have to deal with his lack of common sense no matter what you do, then maybe you should look for better people to work with anyway. I mean who wants to hate their job when you can change it??

I say get out and save your sanity.

Dear AL said...

Great advice, daxx, but it was Jason asking for advice, not me.

daxx said...

Sorry bout that AL. Misdirected attention.

Vengelyne said...

What about labour court for unfair dismissal?

TheTorch said...

Technology is great....when it works. You need Tech-Support.

Dayngr said...

I've missed you AL!

Carmi said...

Was it a Dell computer, by any chance?

Hi Al. I followed your link home from Michele's, and I'm sure glad I did. Your site is a delightful read, and I say that as a former columnist for a major city newspaper. I think your advice column would goose sales if any newspaper had the guts to pick it up.

Dear AL said...

Thanks Carmi! I probably have to tone down the language a little, pretty sure newspapers wont print the word FUCK.

Michele said...
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Michele said...

Oops, I tried to correct a typo and deleted in error. Sorry!

Dear AL said...

No problem, Michele.

Nice legs!