I got molested by a guy 2 nights ago

Dear Al:
I'm 15 years old. I got molested by a guy 2 nights ago even though I wasn't wearing revealing clothes. I've reported this matter to the police, but the thing is now I can't seem to trust strangers because of what happened 2 nights ago. Plus I can't help but keep on thinking about what happened. How can I forget & get over this disturbing memory? Please help me. -- Tamie

Dear Tamie:
Please talk about what happened with a professional who specializes in post-traumatic stress. Talking with a professional will help you work through it, building trust and healthy relationships. Since you filed a report with the police, I take it that your family already knows, but if they don't you need to tell them.

If this molestation went as far as forced sex, you need to get checked out by a doctor right away. This lowlife could have been carrying more than just a bad haircut!

I wish you the best!

Readers, blog friends, please watch the language in the comments of Tamie's post. Thanks!

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Rose said...

Tammy have you tried Kids Help Phone or you can call a sexual assault/rape crisis centre too. As the victim of date rape I can tell you that you will get through this.