Do I ignore him, or stick with plan A?

Dear AL:
There's this guy seriously pissing me off in school. Do I ignore him, or stick with Plan A, which is to turn up at his door step with a chainsaw and a maniacal laugh?
-- Angry Girl

Dear Angry Girl:
Losers don't give up easy, that's if he's hitting on you, so ignoring him wont work, but plan B and C might do the trick!

Plan B: Eat chocolate for a few hours, and the next time you see him, try to kiss him with your pimpled lips. Works everytime, unless he has herpes.

Plan C: If you have no friends, wear the same socks for weeks, and stop wearing deodorant. This will smoke him out of the class room, get you banned from school, but you know you're clean, right? Right?

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