Husband text girl 3000 times, 45 a day.

Dear AL:
My husband and I got married in January after ten years together and two kids. We were part of a group of friends and he got close to a female in the group which I didn't like. He told me I was being silly. End of August I proved he had been texting and calling her for months - over 3000 text sent - 45 a day average. I threw him out. Was pregnant with number three. She swans around like she done nothing wrong. Drives me mad. Sick of both of them. What to do?
-- kiwimummy, London

Dear kiwimummy:
You did the right thing kicking numb nuts to the curb, just make sure he takes care of his responsibility towards your children.

About the biatch your husband's been text messaging, does she still hang out with your other friends, which is why you still see her around?
Did they know this was going on behind your back? Were they clueless? Maybe you should talk to your friends, minus the textards, to weed out the traitors.

Update: I found out more about who this BIATCH is, just too bad you didn't make copies of your husbands online phone records to send to that girls husband as a Christmas present, but you can still tell him verbally, as well as the other moms at the school. Just don't mess with her husband, even if he insists to get back at her. He might be carrying something she gave him from another textard.

Kw's: adultery, adultry, affair, affairs, cheater, cheating spouse, infidelity, marriage, unfaithful


Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Bearry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

i am sitting here with my daughter.. cracking up at your responses.. and you have 2 new fans!!

thanks for dropping by my random world too.. hope to see you again!