Best friend's husband had an affair with my husband

Dear AL:
This is not easy, but i can't keep this bottled in. Last night i found out that my husband has been having an affair with my best friend's husband. MY BEST FRIEND'S HUSBAND! I discovered this when i returned home early last Friday from a girl's night out. When i saw my husband wasn't in the living room, i heard the shower going, so i went to see him. When i pulled the curtain open, i saw my best friend's husband instead. After we both said hi, i asked him what he was doing here, and he said he was taking a shower. I then walked over to my bedroom since i heard our Wii playing, and as soon as i walked in my husband screamed. He screamed like a little girl! I then asked him what's going on and he started to cry, giving no excuses. We haven't talked since that day.

I then put 2 and 2 together, from his slightly fruity cologne he started wearing last summer, the tiny heart tattoo on his butt which i wouldn't have never known existed if he hadn't slipped on the bathroom floor. And now the shower and his scream.

When we married 3 years ago, he was straight! At least i thought he was. How could this have happened?
- Mariam

Dear Mariam:
They must have watched Brokeback Mountain.

I would recommend marriage counseling, but since he's morphed into this other guys bitch, it would be a waste of time. He probably had these feelings before you met, but due to his upbringing, he couldn't be himself, so he needed a front. You. It could have been Brokeback Mountain like, and from what you wrote above, he was probably the character who initiated this affair. He wasn't Heath Ledger!

I know this hurts, but you have to divorce your husband. Don't waste your time with this relationship. Take care of yourself.

Out of curiousity, how couldn't you notice the tattoo on his butt?

Note: The above image "Brokeback Mountain Sims" is by fanseelamb.

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Anonymous said...

wow. are there any other words to describe this? nope.. just wow.

Anonymous said...

Al, thanks for your advice. We finally talked today, kind of. You're probably right about divorce, but we're going to give marriage counseling a try anyway.

I saw the tattoo before, about 5 months ago. I thought it was a wart back then. When i discovered that it wasn't last month, he told me it was going to be a surprise, just forgot to tell me.

J. Mayhew said...

wow how heart breaking...but you're totally right - there's no point in wasting time.

angelshair said...

I agree, you shouldn't waist your time, life is so short!!!

Dear AL said...

Mariam, I can understand giving someone a second chance if they're straight, but your husband isn't. He can't simply turn off who he is, his feelings.

He might cheat again, or leave you. It's better to cut ties now.

Mariam said...

Thanks for your concern, AL. We're working it out, and after this weekend we're going to be fine.


Mariam said...

Al, please remove my location from this post. Thanks!