I'd push her off a building, but I can't

Dear Al:

I have two friends whom I am very close to. Well, closer to one than the other, but that's beside the point. So late last year, the one whom I'm closer to, whom we shall call A, has had a friend. This friend seems to have no one but A, so clings on to A like A was a lifebuoy in the dead sea.

I wouldn't bother about it, since the fact that A enjoys being a lifebuoy has nothing to do with me, except that A allows the damn barnacle to join us three, almost ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

She's even gone so far to join the same club as us so she can leech on to A. LORD HELP US.

I'd push her off a building, but I can't get the barnacle alone, because she's always trying to be around A.

*Tears hair out*

-- Annoyed Girl

Dear Annoyed: *Gluing her hair back on*
You're friends with A. Ok... close friends, but it seems like you're latched on to this buoy like the barnacle. Maybe A's reaching out to this other person because you're crusting A to death. If that's not the case, the way your message reads, it wont be long before you're scraped off with a putty knife.

You're not married to A... not dating... so A can see whomever. You either accept the barnacles presence, crust and all, or find someone else to cling too. That doesn't mean you can't ask A out on a date, just don't be surprised if A brings a pressure washer. I hope this helped!

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