Made out with her uncle who's close to 30

Dear AL:
I recently turned 18 and after clubbing slept at a friends with her and two other guys. We all crashed on the double bed and I ended up making out with her uncle who is close to 30. My friend suspects that we hooked up, although we tried to hide it and I think she's upset about it. What should I do? Her uncle called me today and said to just say that we were flirting with one another and it didn't go any further than holding hands etc. What if she saw us kissing or something?
-- Eliza

Dear Eliza:
Time to grow up. There's a good chance she saw you two kissing since you all shared the same bed, so lying to her will enforce her beliefs that you're both dating. Tell your friend the truth. If you are dating, it's better to come clean if you value your friendship. It's not your fault you're attracted to a loser who can't find a woman his own age. She'll understand.

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Lindsay Champion said...

Here, here! Good advice, Al.

lindsay ||

Jess said...

what wonderful advice, the truth is ALWAYS the way to go in a friendship, otherwise it's not a friendship.

nospoons said...

I think firstly you should tell your friend that you are carrying her uncle's seed.

Then after the hysterics, tell her the truth which, comparatively, will seem like fruit loops and rainbows.