My Husband's affair with a girl at the gym

Dear AL:
My Christmas present for 2008 was learning of an affair my husband was having with a girl at the gym. He continued the affair by purchasing "pay as you go" phones to eliminate any phone records - I found his phone. He says he has discontinued the affair but continues to go to the same gym, at the same time she goes, and refuses to change. There are other alternatives and times for him to go.

Am I making too much of this, or should I follow my gut instinct and file for divorce.
--Devastated and Pissed in NY

Dear Devastated:
You're not making enough of this... divorce his sorry ass. If he discontinued this affair, why doesn't he go to a different gym to give you peace of mind? Hell, he might do just that when you threaten him with a divorce, but who's to say she wont follow him there to continue their workout? Do you really want to deal with this, not knowing if he's being faithful? Always having this on the back of your mind "Is he telling me the truth, or spotting her?" Do yourself a favor and save yourself the stress. Divorce him! If he doesn't care about your feelings now, he will continue to play with your head, guaranteed.

Life is too short and may become shorter if he infects you with Aids. Think about that. Take care of yourself.

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Anonymous said...

great advice Al! as always ;)

Anonymous said...

and you might wanna trade 'Bruno' for someone a bit more gentle!! LOL
have a good one!

searchingwithin said...

Any man who first off had an affair, and then has absolutely no regard for your feelings and insists on being in contact with this woman is no one I would ever want to be any part of my life, let alone my partner. Plain and simple.