My gay mom wont accept my gay marriage

Dear AL:
My mom is gay, has a girlfriend, but told me to divorce my gay partner I married in California before the Prop. 8 ban. She says it violates the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman for procreation. Wants me to marry a man. She's very religious, and keeps her homosexuality under wraps.

Now I don't care how she runs her life. How can I get her to accept mines?
-- Upset in California

Dear Upset:
Your mom is living a lie, and until she accepts who she is, she will not accept your marriage, even if you were to get artificially inseminated by David Hasselhoff. Ew...

Go on with your life, and don't count on your mom to come around in the near future, that's unless her double life is discovered. But more than likely she'll repent like Ted Haggard... become cured *cough*, but remain a heterosexual with issues. :-P

Think of your girl.

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