Parents complain about my boyfriend. Running away!

Dear AL:
I'm so sick of my parents telling me what to do or complaining about what I do. Sit up straight... Don't wear that... You're on the internet too much... What's with you and your cell phone?... I can just scream!

They're now complaining about my boyfriend because he dropped out of school and doesn't have a job. My parents seem to forget that Dad was like that from what they told me, and he turned out great. What makes them think they're better than my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend are thinking about running away. We're only 16, but we're strong and in love. Any advice will be greatly appreciated since we'll be on our own.
--Tracy in hell

Dear Tracy:
The only advice I can give you is to stay home. You have two more years until you graduate High School, don't throw that away. During this time until you graduate you can carefully plan your great escape. Go to college. Join the Peace Corps. Move into your boyfriend's box. What ever!

Your parents are doing what all parents do. Parenting. And you know what, millions of teenagers have survived this. Your parents already experienced what your boyfriend will experience for being a dropout, so of course they're concerned that you're interested in him. I would be too if you was my daughter.

If your boyfriend is so strong, why couldn't he finish High School? I can understand if he has a learning disability, but if he has problems at home, then he needs to seek help from a school counselor.

Stay strong. Don't run away. I'm sure you've heard this before, but one day you'll be a parent. Hopefully not pushing your kid around in a box.

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