Say if I Quit Chips And Coke

Chips and Coke. Duh!Dear Al:
Your solutions are crass - but funny and makes so much sense lol.

I'm so sick of being overweight and not having a life, but I'm food greedy and keep eating junk at home--> especially to CELEBRATE a weight loss X(

Say if this guy liked me now and we get along, would he ask me out after I quit chips and coke and glamour up? I duno... shout at me Al.
-- yo-yo dieter, Sidney, Australia

Dear Yo-Yo Dieter:

Did that help? No?

Look, you might have a chance with him right now! Quit the junkfood for yourself, not to attract this guy. Consult your doctor before you start any weight loss program, diets, or workout. I hope this helped!


Amber said...

ooooh Al!! You yell good!!

Lori said...

Great advice!!!

I think you should change your name to Dear Dr Al!!!...LOL

Have a great day!!!

Webmiztris said...

did RC's mom write this? ;)

Monika said...

Hi Everybody!

Hi Dr. Al!