Blogger Beta sucks! Google forced me to switch!

Dear AL:
A day ago I logged into my Blogger account for a few minutes, and logged off. Minutes later I tried to log back into my blog account to add a new header banner and images for my sidebar, but the people at Google fixed it so I had no choice but to switch to Blogger Beta if I wanted access to my blog. So I did. I then uploaded my banner and images to a post, copied their new funky links from the post and pasted it to my blogs template, erasing the links to my old banner, but when I published the images the funky links to them didn't work! I then tried their new editor to see if this would solve my problem, and they switched me back to the old Blogger template, so I deleted my fuckin' blog! I know I could've switched back to my old template, but what's the use if I can't add a simple banner to my blogs header?

Fuckin' %&$%$#0(**@°!

Al, I just needed to vent. Hope you don't mind.
-- Judy, Brazil

Dear Judy:
Vent all you want, but if Blogger forces me to switch over, the world better be ready for an earful! You hear that Google, God dammit!

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Soupdragon said...

Yeah, gettin a bit irked bout this new Blogger thing meself. Mind you, LJ int so clever, now is it?

Glad I didn't switch to't new template thing. Did switch to't Beta thing, just fore they took it outta Beta, mind. Had a few problems an that, but so far it's been alright. Nowt to write home about, like.

Carry on.



Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I am still using the old one :) heck... i wont let them rule my life lol

susan said...

hey! they forced me to change too!
I wanted to keep tho old version and the same thing happened to me. why do I have now a google account? I didn't want one!

I totally understand you Judy.

Monika said...

blogger forced me to switch too.


Sharon said...

Blogger forced me to switch, and I don't do well with ultimatums, so I left.

...sort of.