Should I tell my MD that I'm stupid?

Dear AL:
My managing director told me about a job possibility for me and told me to apply and it would be a matter of course, but not to talk about it with others. He said he had already spoken to my direct boss and the person who would be my new boss. I applied for the new job as I was told to and I was seen by many people in this persons office (not somewhere I usually go) I felt I needed to make my current boss feel I was not going behind his back as he can be very difficult. I told him and he had not been told by the MD that this was what they had decided for me! What I want to know is should I tell the MD that I have been stupid?
-- Hailey

Dear Hailey:
You lost me on that last sentence. Not sure why you should tell your managing director that you're stupid, but if you feel like it, more power to ya!

Maybe your MD told your direct boss and he forgot, or was going to tell him after he lied to you. You didn't do anything wrong, so don't worry about it. For future reference, if something like this ever comes up again, let your current boss know what you're about to do before you do it. This way you wont feel like telling your company President that you're stupid.

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I've lost my way and don't know where to turn.

Dear AL:
????????? ??? ???????? ????? ???????????
"??????????????". ???? ??????? ??. ??????? ???? ???
?????? ??????? ????????????????????????
(???,????????) ??. ????? ????????????? ???????,
??????????????? ??? ??????? ??????????????? ?????.
???????? ??????????????????????? ????? ???
"?????????????????" ???????????? ???????????????
??????? ???? ??????????????????????? ???????!
-- Li, China

Dear Li:

I hope this helped!

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Major Technorati site flaw penalizing members

For almost a week I've been baffled why Technorati has been ignoring my pings, and then it dawned on me why the last time I pinged them. Seconds after pinging Technorati using their ping form, I logged off of Technorati's ping page resulting in that page refreshing and pinging them again. Technorati penalized me for returning me back to their ping page when I logged out!

Now some readers probably say that I should have known better, but it shouldn't be the fault of Technorati users that Technorati doesn't take it's users to it's home page when you sign out from the ping page instead of refreshing the ping page.

It states on the ping page to bookmark this page and return to it to notify Technorati of updates, so you know thousands have been penalized for signing out right after they pinged them, which makes me wonder if this site flaw is being purposely overlooked to save on bandwidth.

Incase you're all wondering, I haven't notified Technorati about their site flaw. Since their site flaw penalized me, I'm penalizing Technorati by letting the world know first about this problem! Payback is a bitch!

Have to make a nature documentary. Clueless!

Dear AL:
Everyone in my class has been tasked to create a nature documentary over the weekend by whatever recording means we choose to use, and it has to be turned Monday morning next week. Tomorrow we have to submit what were gona film, but I'm clueless. Can you throw me an idea of what to video tape like yesterday? Thanks!
-- Penny, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Penny:
Another innocent nature film of the Wood Spider would be nice.

Minus the drugs!

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New apartment smells like a bar... cigarettes!

Dear AL:
Me and my family just moved into a new apartment that smells like a bar. We didn't notice the cigarette smell before since the previous couple that lived here burned 2 sticks of incense in every room, which should have been a big warning sign. I complained to the landlord, and he showed us in the contract we signed that we're responsible for cleaning and painting the apartment. Like no duh! But this place should have been cleaned up right before we moved in. We haven't started painting because a professional told us that there's no paint on the market that can cover cigarette smoke of this extreme. We tried soap and water and some bio safe products, but our apartment still stinks. Do you know of any non-toxic way to get rid of this smell? We have kids.
-- Meredith, New York

Dear Meredith:
A bucket or two of water and half a bottle vinegar per bucket will do the trick. The rooms will smell for about an hour or so like vinegar, but at least the smell of cigarettes will be gone. Make sure you clean the radiators good, or the place will stink when you turn them on. I went through the same shit myself!

Dial the 311 Call Center, an operator should be able to help you find out if that landlords contract is legal. If not, you might be able to take legal action again'st Mr. Roper for putting yours kids health in jeopardy! More than likely that contract is different than the other tenants in your building, probably because he didn't want to clean up your apartment before you moved in. Second hand smoke, even on the walls, radiators, ect... is just as bad as being in the presence of a smoker.

In the Tenant's Rights Guide for the State of New York it states that landlords of buildings with three or more apartments must keep the apartments and the buildings' public areas in "good repair" and clean and free of vermin, garbage or other offensive material. Landlords are required to maintain electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating systems and appliances landlords install, such as refrigerators and stoves in good and safe working order. Tenants should bring complaints to the attention of their local housing officials. (Multiple Dwelling Law (MDL) §78 and §80; Multiple Residence Law (MRL) §174. The MDL applies to cities with a population of 325,000 or more and the MRL applies to cities with less than 325,000 and to all towns and villages.)

I hope this helped!

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How can I stop myself from driving him away?

Dear AL:
Me and my husband have been married for over a year, together for about 5, but we've been having problems. I call him almost everyday at work, and at times I search through his things looking for phone numbers, but he never done anything wrong. Sometimes when he goes to work I follow him in my own car pretending to go shopping. I just can't let him out of my sight! My friends and his tell me to give him breathing room, but I'm afraid he will find someone else. He's thinking about leaving me, so I'm thinking about doing something crazy like getting myself pregnant since he's Christian and believes that children should have both parents for better or worse, but I hope things will get better. Since my ex-boyfriend cheated dozens of times behind my back, I'm so paranoid with my husband. I don't want to trap him, but I never had anyone like him before, but feel like I have no other choice.

How can I stop myself from driving him away?
-- Cynthia, Florida

Dear Cynthia:
If you don't stop making your husband pay for what your ex-boyfriend did to you, you're gona be a single parent if you try to trap him, no matter what family values he preaches. You might even drive him to cheat behind your back, think about that. Drop the binoculars, give him his space, and seek some professional help.

Look, your ex-boyfriend is history and so is your husband if you continue doing this to him. Give the guy a break and everything will be ok.

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ive decided to move on but i dont know how

Hey AL:
Whats the best way to forget bout a girl, i really like her and ive liked her for almost 3 years, were really close but i want to be more then "just another guy", so ive decided to move on but i dont know how.
-- Jason, Calgary, AB, CA

Yo Jason:
Best way to move on is to keep yourself busy, like learning how to write.

You suck, dude!

I hope this helped.

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Blogger Beta sucks! Google forced me to switch!

Dear AL:
A day ago I logged into my Blogger account for a few minutes, and logged off. Minutes later I tried to log back into my blog account to add a new header banner and images for my sidebar, but the people at Google fixed it so I had no choice but to switch to Blogger Beta if I wanted access to my blog. So I did. I then uploaded my banner and images to a post, copied their new funky links from the post and pasted it to my blogs template, erasing the links to my old banner, but when I published the images the funky links to them didn't work! I then tried their new editor to see if this would solve my problem, and they switched me back to the old Blogger template, so I deleted my fuckin' blog! I know I could've switched back to my old template, but what's the use if I can't add a simple banner to my blogs header?

Fuckin' %&$%$#0(**@°!

Al, I just needed to vent. Hope you don't mind.
-- Judy, Brazil

Dear Judy:
Vent all you want, but if Blogger forces me to switch over, the world better be ready for an earful! You hear that Google, God dammit!

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